The Gaa Gaas

The Gaa Gaas are a British post-punk/garage band from Jersey in the Channel Islands who now reside in London and Brighton, UK. They were named after German psychedelic band Gäa who also took their name from Gaia, the Greek goddess of Earth. They formed in 2003 after attending a weekly garage punk night called "Bomp" which was based in their hometown of St. Helier. Since their relocation, they have toured throughout the UK and Europe. They were featured on the compilation Nineteen78 by Filthy Little Angels Records, and then signed to Global Net Records in association with The Playground and released their debut single "Voltaire" in 2010. They have received broadcast from BBC Radio 1 and MTV 2, featured in the new blood section of Artrocker magazine and have played at Jersey Live Music Festival as well as Drop Dead Festival that originally started up at CBGB. Singer/Guitarist and founding member Gavin Tate is the nephew of Troy Tate, who was a member of Liverpool post-punk band The Teardrop Explodes, who also produced the early sessions for The Smiths first album. 

The Gaa Gaas أغنية

.The Gaa Gaas ألبومآسف، ليس لدينا حتى الآن بيانات كافية لإنشاء قائمة من

The Gaa Gaas أغنية

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The Gaa Gaas - Vultures Live @ The Green Door Store, Brighton

Supporting Howler 24/01/12 filmed by Katherine Missouri / Lyrics inspired by the London riots: Vultures have taken London's streets Vultures are causing panic ...

The Gaa Gaas - Voltaire *OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO*

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