The Sons of Adam

The Sons of Adam, were an American garage rock band, from Baltimore, Maryland, but who re-located to Los Angeles and became a regular fixture on the Sunset Strip music scene, during the mid-1960s. The band, who released several singles for the Decca and Alamo labels, which included the songs "Saturday's Son," "Feathered Fish" and "Baby Show the World," is also notable for the presence of two of its members: guitarist, Randy Holden, later of The Other Half and Blue Cheer, and drummer Michael Stuart, later of Love. 

The Sons of Adam أغنية

.The Sons of Adam ألبومآسف، ليس لدينا حتى الآن بيانات كافية لإنشاء قائمة من

The Sons of Adam أغنية

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THE SONS OF ADAM - I Told You Once Before

THE SONS OF ADAM - I Told You Once Before 1966.

Sons Of Adam - Saturday's Son

60's Garage Punk/Psych from California.

THE SONS OF ADAM - Feathered Fish

From Los Angeles (California) -1966.